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The website uses technology that is designed so that it is accessible to as many people as possible.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow you to navigate this web site without using a mouse. Access keys are available in Internet Explorer version 5 and up, Mozilla Firefox and on Apple Mac systems. The keys used by are:

To use these keys:

  • In Internet Explorer 5+:
    Holding 'Alt' and the access key will 'focus' the page element. If the element is a link (it normally is), hitting the 'Enter' key will then take you to the link's destination.
  • In Mozilla Firefox:
    Holding 'Alt' and the access key will take you to the link's destination.
  • On Apple Mac systems:
    Use the 'Ctrl' key instead of the 'Alt' key.

Note also that links in pages can be accessed/traversed using the 'Tab' key. One 'hit' of the 'Tab' key will show the 'Skip navigation' link - if you then hit 'Enter' you will skip past the navigation links and move to the main content of the page. Each subsequent hit of the 'Tab' key will move you to the next link.

Text & Fonts

All fonts on can be resized/rescaled using standard browser techniques. In Internet Explorer, use the 'Page' menu, then 'Text Size' to change your text size. In Mozilla Firefox, you can use the 'View' menu, then 'Zoom', or simply use the'Ctrl' key with the + key to increase the font size/zoom and 'Ctrl' and the - key to decrease it.

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